Does IPVanish Work With Netflix

Netflix is a widely used streaming platform for watching all types of content from movies to sports. But the issue of not being able to access your home Netflix show is common while traveling abroad. That’s why we tested if IPVanish work with Netflix, so you can stream Netflix no matter where you are.

Does IPVanish Still Work With Netflix?

As we tested IPVanish VPN for streaming Netflix by connecting to its servers in various locations and it worked. Where many VPNs struggle to unblock Netflix, IPVanish does it pretty easily. IPVanish has lots of servers that successfully bypass Netflix’s firewall without a hitch.

As we all know that the firewall Netflix is so strong that it blocks many popular VPNs. Despite these restrictions, you can easily access Netflix content libraries because IPVanish works with Netflix without any flaws. To get its subscription at a low cost you can apply IPVanish coupon code and get a massive discount on your purchase.

Which IPVanish Servers Work With Netflix?

If you want to unblock Netflix US then IPVanish servers in Los Angeles, Atlanta, Denver, Chicago, and New York will work. IPVanish has VPN servers in 75+ locations so it easily unblocks Netflix in Japan, Germany, and Australia also.

When you install IPVanish VPN on your device, you need to choose a server that unblocks Netflix. Once you are connected to the server, it will unblock the Netflix video libraries. So you can stream TV shows and watch venom on Netflix with IPVanish. 

Since Netflix keeps blocking IP addresses from time to time as soon as it detects a VPN. That’s why IPVanish work with Netflix because its servers are updated on regular basis. So you can watch Netflix videos non-stop without worrying about getting blocked.

Why IPVanish Is Good For Netflix Streaming?

Why IPVanish Is Good For Netflix Streaming

IPVanish has a large network of 2000 servers in 75+ global locations, so it can unblock any streaming platform without much effort. Here are some features of IPVanish that make it a great VPN for Netflix unblocking:

  • Servers with ultra-fast speed: The servers of IPVanish offer great speed when you connect to them for streaming. You will be able to stream Netflix videos in the highest possible quality without any buffering or loading delay.
  • Unlimited simultaneous connections: Simultaneous login feature lets IPVanish work with Netflix on an unlimited number of devices. So you can share IPVanish with your friends and family for streaming Netflix on whatever device they have.
  • Lots of servers that unblock Netflix: You can unblock Netflix US from other countries because it has multiple servers in the US. Also, if you are traveling to other countries, IPVanish is the perfect choice to unblock Netflix content anywhere.
  • Informational UI: You can see a list of working servers in a region along with their ping and load rates. This is helpful in selecting an IPVanish server that will offer great speed while streaming Netflix.

What To Do If IPVanish Not Working With Netflix?

Though IPVanish work with Netflix perfectly but sometimes proxy errors do arise which can ruin your streaming experience. So you can try the following steps if Netflix doesn’t work with IPVanish:

  • Switch VPN Protocol: IPVanish supports lots of protocols but OpenVPN is set as the default protocol. So you can try to change it and choose from the other 4 protocols such as the WireGuard protocol.
  • Try Other VPN Server: Sometimes connecting to a VPN server doesn’t work. So you can switch to another server in the same location.
  • Clean Cookies & Cache: You can go to the “settings” in the browser and clean the cache & cookies. Then restart the web browser and open Netflix to see if the issue is fixed.
  • Turn VPN On & Off: Sometimes disconnecting from the VPN server and then reconnecting to it again makes IPVanish work with Netflix.
  • Check For Updates: Make sure that your IPVanish VPN is up-to-date to avoid any error caused due to the old version.
  • Try Incognito: Accessing Netflix using the incognito mode of the browser can hide your details from Netflix. This can help you stream Netflix without getting blocked.
  • Check For DNS Leak: Run a DNS test to check if your IP is exposed or not if you can’t access Netflix. This makes sure that Netflix can only see IP which is generated by VPN.
  • Contact Support Executive: If Netflix doesn’t work with IPVanish, you can get server recommendations from customer support through live chat or email, and phone.

Steps For Watching Netflix With IPVanish

Follow the quick guide mentioned below to make IPVanish work with Netflix:

  • Download IPVanish and install it on your device.
  • Sign up to create an account on IPVanish & purchase a subscription.
  • Now connect to a server whose Netflix content you want to unblock.
  • Open Netflix and stream the regional content from another country.

Note: If the Netflix content doesn’t change even after connecting to the VPN server, make sure to clean your browser’s cache & cookies. After you did this, restart Netflix to check it again.

Which Netflix Libraries Are Accessible With IPVanish?

IPVanish successfully unblocks various regional libraries from the US, UK, Japan, and many other countries. The best part of using IPVanish is that it works with both desktop and mobile versions of Netflix. So you can access restricted regional content of Netflix on any device.


IPVanish is one of the VPN service providers that can bypass Netflix firewalls and unblock regional content. If you love to stream movies or TV shows from other countries, IPVanish can unblock them for you. Regular server updates and fast-speed connections make IPVanish work with Netflix from every region of the world.

Can I Use Free VPN To Stream Netflix?

No, free VPN servers get easily blocked. They also have slower connection speeds along with limited data bandwidth. That’s why you should purchase an IPVanish subscription for unlimited Netflix streaming.

Which Is The Best VPN For Streaming Netflix?

We recommend using IPVanish VPN for streaming because IPVanish work with Netflix without any issues. You can also save money on IPVanish by using a coupon code.