How to Watch Hulu in Australia

If Hulu is your first love to stream anything and you live in Australia or outside the US, then your biggest concern is how to watch Hulu in Australia or outside the US? But don’t worry about it, we have one of the best solutions for you. That is you require the best Hulu VPN to stream Hulu in Australia or anywhere.

Is Hulu Available in Australia?

The straight answer to this question is NO. Hulu is not available in Australia, Because Hulu is a US-based streaming platform, which is only available in the US. But we have some legitimate ways for you to watch Hulu in Australia. After using the best VPN for Hulu you can enjoy your favorite content uninterruptedly. 

Why do we need a VPN to watch Hulu in Australia?

The biggest limitation of Hulu is, that it is only accessible for some regions, which means Hulu is not accessible outside the US. But this limitation can easily handle by the best Hulu VPN. A VPN can manipulate your IP Address and connect you with the Hulu servers as a US citizen. 

Another thing that your VPN can take care of is the streaming quality of Hulu. Hulu Australia has the biggest library of reality shows, movies, and web series. With the best Hulu VPN you can enjoy your favorite shows without any interruption.

How to Access & Stream Hulu in Australia?

The only way to watch Hulu in Australia is by VPN, It is your first and last hope to access Hulu Australia. These are the steps to stream Hulu Australia :

  1. Use a reliable Hulu VPN.
  2. Open the VPN and connect with the server according to Hulu Australia.
  3.  Open the Hulu app, and browse the catalog. 
  4. Enjoy your favorite content.

Best VPN to Watch Hulu in Australia 

Best VPN to Watch Hulu in Australia

Here are some best VPN that we researched for you. We try to improve your streaming experience more and more amazing.

#1 NordVPN (Fastest VPN for Hulu Australia)

NordVPN is the best VPN for Hulu lovers. It is your first requirement If you want to stream Hulu Australia. NordVPN has the fastest servers across the world. It has the best streaming capability to watch Hulu in Australia. NordVPN has 5100 servers in 60 countries, which means it can easily unblock Hulu in Australia. 

NordVPN supports 6 connections at the same time, which means you and your loved ones can stream Hulu Australia at the same time on their different devices. You can also watch Anime in India, Hulu US, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and BBC Iplayer.

Pros of NordVPN :
  • High-Speed Servers for Streaming.
  • Amazing unblocking capabilities.
  • Excellent security features.

Cons of NordVPN :

  • Too much costly.
  • Outdated desktop application.

#2 ExpressVPN (Best Streaming Quality for Hulu Australia)

Streaming is the biggest quality of ExpressVPN. If you are a Hulu enthusiast then ExpressVPN is the best pick for you to watch Hulu in Australia. The most amazing quality of this VPN is its streaming technology, with ExpressVPN you can watch Hulu content in HD, 4k, or even 8k quality. This means ExpressVPN provides you the richest streaming experience with Hulu Australia.

ExpressVPN has a 3000 plus servers network in 94 countries, which shows how much it is capable to unblock Hulu in Australia. It can easily break Hulu Australia geo-restrictions. ExpressVPN uses 256-bit encryption to provide an extra layer of protection. All these features of ExpressVPN make it the number 1 choice to watch Hulu in Australia.

Pros of ExpressVPN
  • Great Quality of Content Streaming.
  • Comes with 256-Bit AES Encryption.
  • Takes care of our privacy.
  • 24/7 customer support.
Cons of ExpressVPN
  • Lack of customizations.
  • Not the cheapest on the list.

#3 IPVanish VPN (Best Optimized VPN for Streaming Hulu in Australia)

IPVanish is the perfect fit to watch Hulu in Australia. It fills all the checkboxes to become the perfect VPN for Hulu Australia. IPVanish supports all the other streaming platforms like Netflix, BBC Iplayer, Amazon Prime, etc. It has an amazing WireGuard technology for faster connections, which means it can provide you the fastest connection to stream Hulu in Australia.

IPVanish has a global network of 1300 servers in 60 countries. It shows its capability that how easily it can unblock Hulu in Australia. IPVanish has an advanced Wi-Fi hotspot security feature. It is also the best VPN for gaming, torrenting, and surfing.

Pros of IPVanish VPN:
  • Provides Wireguard technology for fast Hulu connection.
  • Support multiple streams platforms.
  • Unlimited connections.
Cons of IPVanish VPN:
  • The client application is not user-friendly.
  • Customer support is slow sometimes.

#4 Surfshark (Most Reliable VPN to Watch Hulu in Australia)

Surfshark is the Top rated VPN for streaming content. It provides you the flexibility to watch Hulu in Australia from multiple devices because surfshark provides an unlimited number of connections at the same time. Surfshark can be able to break Hulu Australia’s geo-restrictions easily because it has a huge 3200+ plus servers wide network in 65 countries. 

Surfshark VPN strictly follows a no-log policy. It has some amazing security features like collections of privacy tools and an excellent app. Surfshark supports all other streaming platforms like Amazon Prime, Hulu US, Netflix, and BBC Iplayer. All these things made a perfect choice to watch Hulu in Australia.

Pros of Surfshark VPN :
  • Supports Hulu US servers.
  • Unblock Hulu security mechanism.
  • Supports unlimited number of connections
Cons of Surfshark VPN :.
  • Chat support is not so good. 

#5 CyberGhost VPN (Best Suitable VPN to Watch Hulu in Australia)

If Hulu is your love then CyberGhost VPN has to be your best friend. Using CyberGhost VPN you can smoothly stream Hulu in Australia without any lag or buffering issues. CyberGhost VPN is an all-rounder VPN, which means it is the best VPN for streaming as well as gaming. It is well known for its high-quality streaming technology, which means you can easily stream Hulu in Australia without compromising the quality. 

CyberGhost VPN becomes unbeatable in this race because of its unlimited bandwidth and super-fast server speed. All these features indicate that CyberGhost is the best VPN to watch Hulu in Australia. CyberGhost has amazing 24/7 live chat support. It is also available for all other platforms like Android, Windows, IOS & Mac. CyberGhost VPN can help you to stream famous shows like watch Venom on Netflix, Reacher on Amazon Prime, The Great on Hulu US, etc.

Pros of CyberGhost VPN :
  • Optimized Servers for all profiles.
  • Amazing speed for streaming (Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc). 
  • Best for multiple platforms.
Cons of CyberGhost VPN :
  • Very less payment options available.

Which are The Free VPN to Watch Hulu in Australia?

ProtonVPN and Speedify VPN are the two topmost free VPN for streaming Hulu in Australia. But we can not recommend to use a free VPN because it can put your safety in danger. 

ProtonVPN provides you unlimited data access with complete transparency. Whereas Speedify VPN offers 2 GB of free data access per month with a wide range of servers all around the world. You can use one of them VPN freely for streaming Hulu in Australia. 

As we all know, a free VPN also has some disadvantages like It can not provide advanced security features. or it can not be able to handle online hackers or snooper’s attacks. This means you can use these free VPN at your own risk.

Can I Watch Hulu in Australia with Free VPN?

Yes, it is possible to access Hulu in Australia using a free VPN. But if you are living in a region where network speed is relatively slow, then we can not recommend to use a free VPN because it occurs buffering and lagging issues. Which ruins your streaming experience. On the other hand, if you are using paid VPN to watch Hulu in Australia then it would provide you the richest streaming experience.

Conclusion – Which VPN is Best To work With Hulu In Australia?

NordVPN and ExpressVPN, according to our research team NordVPN and ExpressVPN are the best choices to stream Hulu in Australia. NordVPN server’s fast response time and its lag-free streaming experience make it number one in this race. On the other hand, ExpressVPN has amazing unblocking capabilities and a wide range of servers all around the world, which serves you the best services on the go. You can also use the rest of the three best VPN for Hulu Australia, if you feel both of these are expensive. 


These are the most common questions asked by Hulu users related to the best VPN for access Hulu in Australia?

How to get Hulu in Australia?

Using a trustworthy VPN is the only legit way to access Hulu in Australia. It will provide you the best streaming quality without any compromise.

When is Hulu Coming to Australia?

Right now there is no clear indication given by Hulu to spread its network in Australia. But after using the best Hulu VPN you can easily stream Hulu in Australia.

Is it safe to watch Hulu in Australia?

Yes, it is completely safe to access Hulu Australia. The only thing you need to stream Hulu Australia is a reliable VPN. It can ensure your safety as well as provide the best streaming experience with Hulu Australia.