Anime is not just a kind of animation movie, now it is also a different world, with its dedicated fans. The last two years completely changed the anime industry, the number of anime lovers growing rapidly. In India, there is a huge number of people who love and enjoy anime, but they always get confused about where and how they can watch anime in India or how we can access anime in India.

Top 5 Sites to Watch Anime in India: Is Anime Legal in India?

Best 5 Sites to Watch Anime in India

Here we are going to talk about some sites & platforms where you can easily watch anime in India for free or paid.

1. Netflix 

Netflix is an American video streaming service. Currently, it is one of the best apps to watch anime in India. Netflix has a huge collection of anime and other shows which is legally available in India. The picture quality and the sound quality are just amazing, and they also provide subtitles for better understanding.

Netflix also has some amazing old anime series as well as some new ones. But if you want to see all the latest animes then Netflix is not the right place for it. Basically from Netflix, you can start watching animes or develop some interest in animes. But here the main thing is that it is not a free platform where you can hang out freely, rather It is a paid platform where you have to pay every month for your entertainment dose.

2. Amazon Prime Video (Watch Anime on Amazon Prime in India)

Yes, Amazon is also an amazing platform that provides anime content. But the collection of animes is very limited, Amazon prime doesn’t have much variety in anime. Amazon prime video has a huge collection of shows and movies, but in the anime genre, they are evolving right now.

The video quality and sound quality of this platform are also very amazing even they also provide subtitles for better understanding. But this is a legal app to watch anime in India. Amazon prime video is not a free platform, so you have to pay a price if you want to watch anime on the Amazon Prime OTT platform.

3. CrunchyRoll (Watch Anime On Crunchyroll In India)

The crunchy roll provides all the latest and old anime on their site. The best part about it is a free site to watch anime, which means you can watch the latest anime in India for free without paying a single penny to the company. Crunchyroll provides various premium anime series for free. All the anime available on this site is subbed, ordered, and structured properly.

Crunchy roll is the oldest site that provides anime last several years. Here are some amazing anime series that you get easily on this site like Naruto Shippuden, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures, ReLife, Noblesse, and more. If you want to watch Japan or Korea-based anime, then you can use the VPN to watch anime from other countries. NordVPN is the best VPN for that because it has high-speed servers that can help you with fast streaming. Basically, it fulfills the demand of anime lovers. It also has one of the largest anime and drama collections on any platform. 

4. Anime Planet 

Anime-Planet is also an anime-related site, that provides anime freely. If you want to watch anime in India for free and legally, then this site can be your one-stop destination. Here you don’t need to sign up for watching anime, you can directly search and access your favorite anime. Anime planet has a huge collection of old and new animes, some of the most popular names are Pokemon, Naruto, Hikari – Be my light, etc.

You can also use a VPN for accessing worldwide anime series. Express VPN can make things simple for you. It is the best VPN for streaming content online, it supports HD quality streaming. It also works well with other streaming platforms Like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu US, and BBC Iplayer.

5. Tubi TV

Tubi TV has a very huge collection of animes. Tubi TV contains almost 20,000 anime shows, so hopefully, this site can end your search to watch anime in India for free. It is a completely free site with ad breaks. There is no paid subscription available on this site.

On Tubi TV you get various amazing premium anime series. It has some awesome anime series like Bubblegum Crisis, AD Police, and Vampire Princess Miyu. The variety of anime is very limited but the quality of the content is very high. You can also VPN for using Tubi TV. CyberGhost is one of the best VPNs for content streaming. 

How To Watch Anime In India In Hindi?

To watch anime in India in Hindi, you can visit various pirated websites and applications as we have provided above here. You can use applications like ThopTV, PIcashow and so more that can help you to watch anime in Hindi in In India with so ease. If you want to know how to watch Voot in USA then you can get it on the home page.

How To Watch Dubbed Anime In India?

You can easily watch dubbed anime on CrunchyRoll. It provides various series in the dubbed language so it can be the best choice to watch dubbed anime in India.

What Is The Best Way To Watch Anime In India?

There are many platforms to watch anime in India but Netflix can the best platform. There are most popular series and movies on Netflix, you can watch HD quality without any ad. It does not save your personal information but pirated apps save you data. So if you want to watch safely then watch on Netflix.


There are various ways to watch anime in India, but according to us Crunchy Roll and Anime-Planet are the best Apps for watching anime in India. However, you can also use a VPN for that, Nord and Express are the most amazing VPNs for content streaming.

Which App is Best for Watching Anime in India?

Crunchy Roll and Anime-Planet is the best app for watching anime in India. You can also use Netflix and Amazon Prime Video for that.

Where can I legally watch Anime free?

Crunchy Roll and Anime-Planet. Both sites are completely legal and free as well where you can watch anime.

How To Watch Anime Online For Free In India?

You can watch anime in India free, you just need to have Thoptv. Picashow and other pirated apps. There are a lot of series and programs available free on these apps in HD quality.